Our law firm is comprised of many individuals who have varied interests outside the office. Some of us are classical music enthusiasts while others are Shakespeare fanatics. There is likely someone in our office who could recite the Constitution Act word for word. Although we would love to say that all of our personal interests are of the highest intellectual variety, we would be lying if that’s what we told you.

Many of us are extremely well versed in popular culture. We’re not ashamed to admit that we know a thing or two about celebrity gossip. This is how we came across this recent story about a Beverly Hills 90210 alum– catalyst for the iconic chant “Donna Martin Graduates!”. We see here that even 1990s celebrities can have personal injury claims. Admittedly, we do not know much about the incident (we said we know gossip, but we still don’t have those kind of connections), but it seems that Ms. Spelling was involved in some sort of slapstick comedy routine, sans the comedy, when her arm fell into one of the open grills causing her to sustain third degree burns. While many naysayers are quick to blame Ms. Spelling, citing her lack of inheritance as the impetus for a cash grab, we often find that restaurants are negligent in providing a safe experience for their customers, and that may have been the case in this scenario.

So if it’s a dining-out sort of night, just be circumspect of your surroundings. And if you are injured, you can always call Bergel, Magence LLP. You may not end up on TMZ, but we can get you a good settlement.