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Car Accident Lawyers

Legal Help from Toronto Car Accident Lawyers

If you have ever been in a car accident, you likely know how traumatic and frightening the experience can be. Car accidents are predominantly caused by reckless drivers who are either drunk, distracted, unqualified or driving a damaged vehicle.  Their carelessness on the road can lead to disastrous accidents, which may leave the involved parties severely injured.

When injured in a car accident, the responsible party should be held accountable by covering your expenses and any financial losses incurred as a result of your impairment. Bergel Magence Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto help accident victims obtain maximum compensation by evaluating their claim and navigating the complex policies set by insurance companies.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, speaking with a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer is crucial as you adjust to your new life. Keep in mind that waiting too long after an accident to take action may reduce your chance of getting fairly compensated. Contact us today, and we’ll help you with your car accident claim in Ontario.

Types of Car Accidents

Single Vehicle Accidents

Single car accidents occur when one car collides with obstacles on the road, such as an animal, utility poles, or a person, crashes into rail guards, or runs off the road. Single vehicle accidents account for almost half of all the fatalities and injuries on our roads. If you have been injured in a single-vehicle accident, our auto-accident litigators can help you get the accident benefits and compensation that you deserve.

Head-on Collisions

Just as the name suggests, this is an accident that occurs when two cars slam into each other, head to head. Although the number of head-on collisions across Canada accounts for a small percentage of car accidents, the fatalities and severe injuries from this type of accident are very high. This is due to the high impact created by two opposing, fast-moving objects. If you or your loved one suffered an injury in a head-on collision, contact Bergel Magence Personal Injury Lawyers, and we'll fight to get you the benefits you need and deserve.

Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end accidents occur when the front of one car collides into the rear of another vehicle. These accidents are common during heavy traffic when the "following" driver fails to stop as soon as the leading vehicle slows down or stops.  Most rear-end accidents are minor, but some cause severe injuries and fatalities. In most rear-end collisions, the rear driver is at fault. However, in some cases, the lead driver may also share some fault, such as when they fail to maintain brake lights. If you’re ever in a rear-end accident, call us, and we'll be there to assess the situation and fight for your rights.

T-Bone Accidents

T-bone accidents, otherwise known as right-angle collisions or broadside collisions, occur when the front of one vehicle slams into the side of another vehicle. T-bone accidents mostly happen at intersections when one driver disregards traffic lights and tries to cross the intersection as another car does the same. These accidents can have catastrophic results, and the occupants in the vehicles impacted on the side often suffer the most severe injuries due to minimal structural protection on the broadside. If you get injured in a t-bone accident, contact Bergel Magence Personal Injury Lawyers today and speak with one of our team members. We will ensure that you get the money you require to cover any medical expenses and to support you and your family as you recover.

Chain Reaction Collisions

Chain reaction collisions, or multi-vehicle accidents, start when one vehicle slams into another, and the impact created causes one of the two, mostly the second car, to crash into a third one. The accident can also happen in another sequence after the first two cars collide. Multi-vehicle accidents are particularly dangerous when the vehicles involved are moving at high-speeds. If you get injured in a chain reaction accident, get in touch with us. We’ll help you get your accident benefits and settle any claim you may have against the party or parties at fault.

Sideswipe Accidents

Sideswipe accidents occur when one vehicle’s side collides with the side of another vehicle. Such accidents occur when a driver fails to stay in their lane, tries to escape obstacles on the road, or tries to switch lanes, and ends up bumping into the side of another car. Most sideswipe accidents are minor, however, others can quickly turn catastrophic. As a victim of a sideswipe accident, Bergel Magence Personal Injury Lawyers can help you file a claim against the individual at fault and obtain maximum benefits for any injuries and financial expenses you may incur as a result of the accident. Contact our auto accident lawyers in Toronto today for your complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

If you ever get into a car accident, remember to do the following:

  • Stay at the scene until you communicate with the drivers involved. If you leave, you may face criminal prosecution.
  • Take the necessary precautions to avoid more collisions. Such steps include moving your vehicle to the side of the road, lighting a flare, and turning your flasher lights on.
  • Contact the police. When you call the police, they'll write a detailed accident report, which is vital when filing an accident or injury claim.
  • Trade information with the other driver(s). Note the driver's name, address, vehicle registration, license number, insurance provider, and other relevant information.
  • Collect data and information. Take pictures of the scene, including damage to the vehicles, skid marks, traffic signals, and so on. Collect witness information and note the exact location of the accident.
  • Seek medical treatment. If you’re injured or feeling unwell after an accident, visit a doctor as soon as possible to receive treatment.
  • Contact personal injury lawyers.  Personal injury lawyers in Toronto will help you prepare the necessary documents, contact insurance companies, and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Protecting Your Rights After A Car Accident

When you get into a car accident, you have certain rights set by Ontario legislation. A personal injury lawyer can help you understand the legal components of the situation and ensure that your rights are protected and enforced. Ontario legislation governs certain rights for suing insurance companies and the driver(s) responsible for your car accident injuries. The legislation also details your mandatory benefits, and a lawyer can help ensure you obtain everything you are rightly owed.

As a car accident victim, you may file two types of claims to receive compensation for any injuries incurred. The two claims are known as accident benefits claims and tort claims.

According to Ontario legislation, accident benefits are mandatory benefits for pedestrians, passengers, and drivers injured in a car accident. The claim applies even for "at fault" drivers. It provides medical, rehabilitation, attendant care, lost income, and caregiver benefits. Accident benefits are paid by your insurance provider.

Tort claims, or third-party claims, are legal actions by injured persons or their families against the at-fault driver. The claim covers pain and suffering, lost income, medical expenses, loss of the ability to enjoy life, and other expenses resulting from the injuries. This compensation is paid by the insurance provider of the “at fault” driver.

Bergel Magence personal injury lawyers protect your rights by ensuring that you receive the maximum compensation owed to you by the liable parties. Contact us today, and benefit from our unsurpassed, family-focused client service.

Our Expertise with Insurance Companies

After an accident, injured individuals and their families may start feeling financial pressure as medical bills and other expenses begin to pile up. As a car accident victim, any expenses arising from your injuries should be covered by either your insurance provider or the other driver’s insurance company. Unfortunately, dealing with the insurance companies after an auto accident may prove to be an arduous task.

Those individuals who try to handle their claim cases without proper legal guidance and representation, trusting that they'll be fairly and reasonably compensated by insurance providers, often end up frustrated. This is because most insurance companies drag out cases, and some try to negate or downplay their responsibility because they think they are dealing with a victim who may not be fully aware of what they’re entitled to. This is why it’s advisable to work with experienced personal injury lawyers who have the expertise required to navigate the often-times complex process of filing and advancing an accident claim.

Bergel Magence Personal Injury Lawyers has been dealing with insurance companies for almost 50 years. We know the ins and outs of the insurance industry, and we are equipped with the resources, relationships and knowledge to help get you your benefits as quickly and efficiently as possible

With Bergel Magence as your personal injury lawyers, you'll have time to focus on your recovery. We will dedicate our time, resources, and expertise to ensuring that you get what you're owed. Contact us and we will take care of all of the hassle and frustration that comes with dealing with insurance companies.

Car Accident Claim FAQs

Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?

After an accident, it’s advantageous to the injured party or parties to obtain qualified legal counsel. If you try to handle the claim or other legal issues on your own, you might end up losing your compensation or getting a fraction of what you deserve. Personal injury lawyers are well-versed in personal injury law, and they can protect your rights and ensure that you receive all your owed benefits. Having an experienced lawyer helps you focus on treatment and recovery.

What is the average settlement for a car accident?

Every car accident is different, which makes each car accident injury claim unique. Thus, quantifying an anticipated settlement amount is difficult, as liability, type and severity of injuries, and other factors play a role in the final settlement. However, working with the right personal injury lawyers in Ontario increases your likelihood of obtaining the best possible financial outcome for your individual situation.

What does a car accident lawyer do?

A personal injury lawyer assesses the facts of your accident, files your claim, and fights for what you’re legally owed. They navigate the legal landscape, obtain necessary medical reports and documentation,  and ensure that their client is adequately and reasonably compensated through a settlement or trial. A good personal injury lawyer will act as your confidant and partner every step of the way, making sure that you and your family are always fully informed about your case.  

What kind of benefits am I entitled to after a car accident?

If you get injured in an accident, you may face physical, emotional, and financial losses. You are entitled to file a claim and get compensated for these losses. If your loved one got into a fatal accident, you’re also entitled to certain benefits. Car accident benefits help victims of auto accidents cover any losses and expenses incurred, including future ones. Some of the benefits or compensation that you may be entitled to after an accident include:

  • Pain and suffering compensation
  • Emotional torment compensation
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of the ability to enjoy life
  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Attendant care benefits
  • Death and funeral benefits
  • Caregiver benefits
  • Other benefits

After an accident, you may be entitled to any or all of the above benefits. Enlist the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer, and they’ll help you determine the type of compensation that you are owed.

How long does it take to settle a car accident claim?

Each car accident claim is unique. An insurance company may settle your claim after quickly, however, some insurers may deny your claim or refuse to pay all the benefits you're owed, which can lengthen the duration of the claims process.

Bergel Magence Personal Injury Lawyers will always work hard to move your case along as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help you recover physically, emotionally and financially in the most efficient and expeditious manner. Contact us today and we will get started on your claim right away.  

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