How We Help

We provide you with peace of mind when you need it most

In an instant, your life can be changed forever. When someone is injured in an accident, their lives can be turned upside down. Victims and their family members suffer very real consequences that can materialize into financial issues, personality and behavioural changes, job loss, marital stress, inability to exercise and enjoy leisure activities, and more. We take the time to listen to you, understand the full extent of your injuries, help you determine what you’ll need for the future and ensure you understand all your options and entitlements.

We work with you to set a clear course of action and devise the best strategy for you and your family. Your dedicated legal team will present you and your family with all the options, we will be honest about potential outcomes, and we will determine the best plan for addressing your particular needs while tenaciously fighting on your behalf.

Professional Advice. Personal Attention.

In addition to advocating for you from a legal standpoint, we will connect you with the best medical experts in your area for support, rehabilitation and ongoing care. Your health care team will educate you and your family about your injuries, how to cope with the various deficits you might be encountering, answer questions about medical terminology, recommended procedures and treatment plans and put you on the right path to recovery.

Our personal injury team will help you navigate the complex claims process, adhering to the strict time limits for each part of your claim, filling out and filing extensive documentation free-of-error to reduce any chances of denial, help you understand and better communicate with your healthcare providers, and provide information on who to call upon in your community for support. We are with you every step of the way and ensure you not only get the compensation you deserve, but also the necessary care, compassion and dedication along the way.

Your experience matters

You didn’t ask for an accident to happen, and we know it affects more than just you. We take the time to understand you, your family, and how your injuries affect not only your physical health, but also your emotional and psychological well-being, your relationships, goals, and livelihood. There are so many factors that make up who an individual is and many of these factors determine how the insurers will assess your file and determine what amount of money you are entitled to. Our personal injury team wants to learn about your family dynamics, career potential, cultural concerns and personal and professional goals so we can help you and your family get the resources and benefits necessary for a successful future.

We then discuss your options, entitlements and any necessary processes in order to provide you with realistic and professional advice about your case. We help you to understand the complexities of your situation, your rights and the specifics about your unique claim. Our role is to provide you with clarity and support while advocating fiercely on your behalf. We want to know you, not just the issue that brought you in.

We provide access to our extended family

One of the biggest challenges for accident survivors and their families is getting the best medical care available. Over the years, we have established great working relationships with the top physicians, surgeons, social resources, rehabilitation specialists, accountants, and engineers in the province of Ontario. These highly knowledgeable professionals complement us in developing your case in such a way that it will be presented in the best light to the insurance companies, and where necessary, to the juries, arbitrators, mediators and judges.

Their expertise is instrumental in your medical recovery and allows us to make sure you are properly compensated for your injuries. Judgements and settlements can be greatly increased when the right experts are employed. Further, we have the financial resources to invest in your case to the fullest extent necessary.

We obtain maximum compensation for you and your family

We understand that when we take your case, we are dealing with real families who have real needs. We never take this for granted. Our mission is to provide you with first-rate legal advice and to go the extra mile.

Serious or traumatic injuries almost always result in a loss of income, and more than half of patients with paraplegia are unable to return to work. With a brain injury, the true impact of the accident may not present itself for several years, so it’s important to have the best medical-legal team on your side to gather sophisticated medical and psychological evidence to support your claim.

We tenaciously advocate for our clients like we would for our own family. Dealing with insurance companies can be intimidating, and they often try to offer victims the lowest possible amount for a claim. With nearly 50 years of experience fighting for accident victims, we help you navigate the complex claims process and we inform you about how to maximize your benefits.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you are entitled to benefits regardless of who caused the accident (e.g. driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or passenger on a bus or street car). You and your family members might also be able to sue or file a tort claim against another party for potential lost earnings or pain and suffering. We take the time to explain all the options to you and your family so we can decide together.

Bergel Magence LLP has earned a reputation in the industry for our honesty, integrity, and toughness, mixed with pragmatism and fairness. We are well respected not only by our clients but also our peers. Insurers and opposing counsel know that when the personal injury lawyers at Bergel Magence LLP take on a new client, they mean business.