Pedestrian Accidents


The occurrence of pedestrian injuries in Ontario has risen dramatically over the past several years. Although the various ministries and safety groups continue to advocate for improved rules and steeper penalties for careless drivers, pedestrians continue to have their lives altered due to the negligence of motor vehicle drivers.

A study based on newly available traffic data showed that 81% of pedestrian fatalities in the city of Toronto occurred in clear weather, 71.5% occurred on major arterial roads, 63% of victims were aged 55+, and speed was a factor in only 8.2% of fatalities. Although laws are in place (and being continually strengthened) to deter distracted drivers, pedestrians continue to get struck and injured.

Pedestrians are often the most vulnerable accident victims, as the force and impact of a vehicle can cause major bodily harm. When hit by a motor vehicle, pedestrians suffer broken or fractured bones, head injuries, cuts, bruising and lacerations that may leave permanent scarring, amongst other debilitating injuries.

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