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Bergel Magence LLP is built on the foundation of family. For over 50 years and two generations, we have fought the toughest fights for our injured clients, winning them top awards. To us, our clients are family. Contact us for a free, no obligation case evaluation.

Award Winning Personal Injury Lawyers
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Personal Injury Lawyers Toronto

Carelessness can lead to accidents, including car accidentsslip & fall accidentspedestrian accidents, cycling accidents, various other types of motor vehicle accidents including ATVs, motorcycles, boats, and medical-related accidents, which in turn, can cause life-changing injuries. Accidents often result from someone’s negligence, and in most circumstances, that person should be held liable for the injuries incurred and the financial consequences that follow. Most responsible parties tend to downplay or deny their liability, and this is where personal injury lawyers Toronto are beneficial.

If you or your loved have been in an accident and suffered a spinal injury, brain injury, amputation, fracture, animal bite injury, or any other type of injury, you deserve to be compensated based on the extent of your suffering, impairment, and any financial consequences incurred by you and your family.

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Why Choose Bergel Magence ?

If you or a loved one are dealing with a serious injury, such as a brain or spinal cord injury, it is critical that you hire a law firm with the right expertise to get you the compensation that you need and deserve. Bergel Magence LLP Injury Lawyers Toronto has won hundreds of millions of dollars in awards for our clients and have helped thousands of injured victims properly equip their homes and begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

Home Visits

You’ve been injured in an accident and you don’t know where to turn. Bergel Magence is here for you. We offer home visits so that you can receive the personal attention you need during this difficult time.

Hospital Visits

We understand that the physical pain of a serious injury can be difficult to bear. That’s why we offer hospital visits. We are committed to providing you with the best possible care and support throughout your recovery.

You Don’t Pay Until We Win

At Bergel Magence, we understand that going through a personal injury claim can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer our clients peace of mind by not charging them until the case is settled and they receive compensation for their injuries.

Book a FREE Consultation

Request a Free Consultation. Get the Maximum Settlement You Deserve!

We obtain maximum compensation for you and your family.

Bergel Magence LLP has been helping accident victims obtain substantial awards for nearly five decades. Below you will find just a handful of examples of awards that we have recently negotiated or won for our clients.

Selective-focus-of-recruiters-looking-at-employee-showing-clipboard-during-job-interview. Jpg
$8.0 Million

for a passenger in a car who was rendered quadriplegic as a result of a motor vehicle accident

$3.6 Million

for a teenage boy who sustained a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident

$1.8 Million

for a teenage boy with developmental delay who suffered a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident

$1.8 Million

for an unemployed visitor to Canada who suffered a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident

$1.3 Million

for our client who suffered fractures to his ankle, knee, neck and pneumothorax in a motor vehicle accident

$1.1 Million

for our client who suffered multiple fractures in a motor vehicle accident

When what matters most is you
Don't wait! If you've been injured, you may only have 10 days to take action. Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation right away!

No fees unless we Win

To ensure that you get the compensation you deserve and that your rights are fully protected, enlist the services of experienced and reputable personal injury lawyers, such as Bergel Magence LLP. At Bergel Magence, we work with injured individuals and their families to get the money they deserve for medical expenses, rehabilitation, and to cover any financial losses resulting from their injuries. We navigate the complexities of insurance companies and get you maximum compensation. 

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Our Toronto Personal Injury Services

A car accident is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can go through, and many motor vehicle accident victims suffer life-changing injuries, if not fatal ones. Most car accidents result from reckless and negligent drivers who end up causing innocent passengers, bystanders, and other drivers on the road serious injuries, both physically and psychologically. Bergel Magence has successfully handled thousands of car accident claims and obtained large awards for our clients, allowing them to pay for any necessary their medical bills, rehabilitation, and to take care of their families as they recover. If you or a loved one has been in a car accident, contact Bergel Magence Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers today for your complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

In most circumstances, residents of Ontario rely upon doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other hospital staff to maintain their health, help them avoid preventable illnesses, and treat them when ill. Although every person is to error, some medical mistakes can cause irreversible damage to patients.

Misdiagnosis, surgical errors, birth injuries, delayed diagnosis, and other medical mistakes that occur due to negligence may lead to critical injuries or fatalities. Medical malpractice lawsuits are some of the most complex and daunting cases that Bergel Magence LLP handles. They involve a lot of investigation that our medical malpractice lawyers in Ontario thoroughly conduct, and powerful medical organizations who fight for the accused medical practitioners or hospitals. In spite of these challenges, our lawyers are well versed in medical malpractice claims, and will fight to get you the compensation that you need and deserve.

Riding on a motorcycle can be a fantastic way to enjoy the open roads and the beauty of Toronto and the GTA. However, some drivers are negligent on the road while others fail to share the road with their fellow users, leading to motorcycle accidents. If you or your loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should file your claim as soon as possible. Our Toronto motorcycle accident lawyers will help you with all the paperwork and fight to get you the maximum compensation to assist with your medical bills and recovery. Remember, you may have a limited amount of time to file your claim, and with motorcycle accidents, the stakes are usually quite high.

Brain injuries are some of the most traumatic and devastating injuries resulting from car accidents, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, and other mishaps. As the organ that controls all body functions, any injury to the brain, no matter how minor it may seem, can significantly impact normal body functions. If you or your loved one have sustained a brain injury, whether mild or severe, contact our brain injury lawyers in Toronto and let us take care of your legal needs. Our lawyers understand the complexity of brain injury claims. They fight to get you the funds you need for specialized treatment and all lifetime expenses associated with your traumatic brain injury.

Slip and fall accidents can occur as a result of hazardous conditions such as wet floors, littered floors, ice, poor lighting, broken floors, damaged flooring, and other poor building conditions caused by negligent maintenance and care. These accidents can lead to minor injuries such as a fractured leg or life-changing severe injuries such as brain injuries. If you or your loved one have slipped, fallen, and sustained an injury, contact Bergel Magence’s slip and fall lawyers immediately because you might have up to a maximum of 10 days to file your lawsuit. Our lawyers strive to get maximum compensation for our clients to cover their medical bills and other expenses resulting from their injuries.

Long term mental or physical disability resulting from an accident is common in Ontario. Some people purchase long-term disability insurance in case an injury prevents them from working, while others have disability coverage provided by their employer. However, some insurance companies deny or cut-short long-term disability benefits, which leave affected individuals without a way to pay their medical bills and other day-to-day expenses. Bergel Magence long-term disability lawyers understand the urgency of such cases, and they represent you throughout the claim process to ensure that you get your benefits.

About Bergel Magence Personal Injury Lawyers

Bergel Magence has been a leading personal injury law firm for nearly 50 years. The firm was built on the foundation of family, and the values that make up a cohesive family unit. Accordingly, we treat all of our clients as if they are family, and make sure that they are properly and fully informed every step of the way. Our goal is to alleviate any stress you may feel as a result of your accident or injury, so that you can focus on your recovery, while we take care of your legal claim.

Bergel Magence is a premier personal injury law firm in Toronto ready to face major insurance companies through challenging and complex proceedings. If you or your loved one are injured as a result of someone’s carelessness, get in touch with one of our team members. We’ll help you file all the necessary documents for your claim and represent you through the settlement or hearing. 

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t have to. However, without qualified and experienced legal representation, you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage. If you or a loved one become injured as a result of someone’s negligence and approach an insurance company without legal representation, you may miss out on many benefits and compensation that you’re entitled to. Insurance companies use teams of lawyers who work to save the company money by offering you minimal payouts. Insurance companies are businesses, and their objective, despite what they may say, is to make money. If they can avoid paying their policy holders, regardless of the circumstances, they will. To avoid being pressured by insurance companies into inferior settlements, it’s advisable to engage the services of experienced and reputable personal injury lawyers in Ontario, like Bergel Magence LLP. They’ll work on your case and fight to get you maximum compensation.

The primary goal of Bergel Magence personal injury lawyers is to get you the compensation you deserve by filing your claim with all the evidence and documentation required to support it. The compensation we work to acquire will help you cover your medical bills, rehabilitation, the financial losses incurred due to injuries, time away from work, and generally to support you and your family in whatever way is needed. Apart from working on the legal aspects of your claim, we can connect you with the best medical specialists in Canada to assist in your treatment and recovery. We have connections to top medical practitioners whom we trust to take care of our clients and family.
This is one of the most difficult questions that we face as personal injury lawyers. Why? Because each case is different, and the time taken to settle depends on the variables involved. The insurance company, injuries suffered, lawyers, plaintiffs, and other factors play a role in the time taken to settle your case. One mistake most clients make is accepting offers from insurance companies to settle their claims too quickly, only to later realize that the compensation cannot cover their medical bills and other future expenses resulting from the injury incurred. Our goal is to obtain compensation for you in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

Here’s how Bergel Magence LLP charges: Our consultation is free of charge with no obligation. Get in touch with us and speak to one of our lawyers for free. When we take your injury case, you don’t pay until we settle it. This gives us an incentive to devote our time and resources on your case until we recover the award that you deserve. Don’t worry about our charges during the proceedings; focus on your treatment and well-being.

No matter your first language, Bergel Magence LLP can assist you with your case. We enlist the services of top translators in Canada to offer you high-quality services in your first language.

Every injury and accident is unique, and we urge you to contact Bergel Magence as soon as possible. This gives us time to prepare your claim and file it before the limitation period elapses. If you miss your limitation date, you may be prohibited from filing a claim. Some accident cases have a limitation of 10 days, while others have up to 2 yearsContact us Injury Lawyers Toronto to learn how much time you have to file your claim.

The majority of personal injury cases don’t go to trial. This does not mean that it’s a smooth ride to get the reimbursement you deserve outside the courtroom. It involves time, resources, and a thorough assessment of your case to attain the required award. When cases go to trial, there’s a lot at stake, and as our previous success proves, we fight hard against insurance companies to come out on top. We are committed to tackling any complexities that arise in your claim, even when it ends up in a Court of Law.

Each case is unique, and every injury is different. It’s difficult to estimate your settlement amount until all the facts of your case are thoroughly reviewed, including your injury’s long-term effects. What we do know, is that we will work hard to ensure that you are fairly and properly compensated. Contact us today, and we’ll start working on your claim immediately.

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