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Bergel Magence LLP is built on the foundation of family. For over 50 years and two generations, we have fought the toughest fights for our injured clients, winning them top awards. To us, our clients are family. Contact us for a free, no obligation case evaluation.

Award Winning Personal Injury Lawyers in Newmarket Personal Injury Lawyers
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Personal Injury Lawyers Newmarket

What happens when reckless driving causes a car accident and leads to an injury? What if you trip and fall in a mall and sustain an injury? Unfortunately, your lifestyle may change temporarily or permanently, depending on the damage done. But what next?

Given that negligent acts and omissions on the road, properties, public spaces and construction sites are the main causes of accidents and resulting injuries, one may be legally entitled to obtain monetary compensation from the liable party. Such remedy can help you cover any medical bills, rehabilitation costs, attendant care costs, lost income, and other expenses and losses resulting from the injury.

At Bergel Magence Personal Injury Lawyers, we represent accident victims. We fight for fair and just compensation for any injuries and losses resulting from a wide range of accidents in Newmarket and other parts of the GTA. If you’re injured in an accident, get in touch with our team for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Andrew Bergel

P: 416-665-2000 Ext. 202
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Ilan Bergel

P: 416-665-2000 Ext. 210
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Hayden Cantor

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Lorne Climans

P: 416-665-2000 Ext. 207
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Christopher Finlay

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Jeremy Magence

P: 416-665-2000 Ext. 213

Why Choose Bergel Magence ?

Let our experience and knowledge work for you! If you or your loved one is injured in an accident, do not hesitate to contact our Newmarket accident lawyers for an assessment of your case.

Personal Injury Lawyers with Extensive Experience

Personal Injury Law can be broad and complex. Therefore, relevant knowledge and extensive experience in this field are required to navigate any claim and obtain a fair settlement. Without qualified legal representation, the involved insurance company may try to pay the minimum possible amount, leaving you without enough funds to cover expenses and losses from your injury.

Bergel Magence Personal Injury Lawyers has been practicing personal injury law for over 5 decades. This gives us an edge when handling our clients’ cases, as we are well-versed with all your rights and understand the benefits you may be entitled to based on the injury sustained and losses incurred.

We have handled thousands of cases, obtaining hundreds of millions of dollars in rewards for our Newmarket clients and other clients throughout Ontario. We have significant experience in and out of the courtroom, so if your case fails to settle through negotiations and ends up in court, do not be worried. Our litigation team has trial experience and a proven track record of exceptional results in all aspects of personal injury litigation.

Comprehensive Personal Injury Lawyers

There’s no limit to the types of incidents that can occur and cause significant harm to a person: from falling into a defective utility hole to a freakish slip and fall down the stairs of your favourite store. Also, there are many injuries that one can suffer, ranging from sprains to paralyzing spinal damage.

Therefore, when looking for a lawyer, it’s crucial to retain a lawyer from a firm that handles all accident and injury claims, as they know all the benefits you can get for specific injuries and from which avenues.

Bergel Magence is a comprehensive personal injury law firm. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in all accident and injury claims, including:

If you are looking to file a personal injury claim for an injury sustained in any accident, we can help. Our Newmarket personal injury team has the skills to offer every client creative legal representation tailored to their specific needs. We work tirelessly to collect evidence to build a strong case, giving you the best chance of obtaining maximum compensation.

Call us at (416) 665-2000 to schedule a meeting with our Newmarket lawyers.

No Fees Unless We Win

After an accident, victims may incur unexpected expenses and losses. To avoid further strain on your finances, we offer our personal injury law services on a contingency basis. This means that we take on your case without any upfront fees and only get paid once we acquire compensation on your behalf.

Working on a contingency basis allows you to focus on your treatment, rehabilitation and recovery rather than shifting your focus to paying legal fees. Your well-being matters to us, and our clients always come first.

At Bergel Magence, we believe that every Canadian should have easy access to expert legal services. By offering our services on a contingency basis, every Newmarket resident injured in an accident or due to another’s recklessness can retain our legal team to recover compensation.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Newmarket injury lawyers for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Injured? Let’s get started on your case.

Bergel Magence is a reputable law firm with strategic and aggressive lawyers ready to take on small, complex and large cases. Our team has the expertise to negotiate a favourable settlement or litigate in court for the compensation you deserve.

Contact our Newmarket personal injury lawyers today to get started on your case.

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We obtain maximum compensation for you and your family.

Bergel Magence LLP has been helping accident victims obtain substantial awards for nearly five decades. Below you will find just a handful of examples of awards that we have recently negotiated or won for our clients.

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$8.0 Million

for a passenger in a car who was rendered quadriplegic as a result of a motor vehicle accident

$3.6 Million

for a teenage boy who sustained a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident

$1.8 Million

for a teenage boy with developmental delay who suffered a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident

$1.8 Million

for an unemployed visitor to Canada who suffered a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident

$1.3 Million

for our client who suffered fractures to his ankle, knee, neck and pneumothorax in a motor vehicle accident

$1.1 Million

for our client who suffered multiple fractures in a motor vehicle accident

When what matters most is you
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What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal injury cases can settle through negotiations or go to court for trial. When a case settles without or during drawn out litigation, it shortens the overall process. Certain cases, however, present disputes over legal issues, leading to litigation in court. It’s difficult to determine whether or not your injury case will end up in court because every case is unique. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and we will assess your case.

If you were partly at fault for an accident that caused your injury, you might still be entitled to compensation from the other party. In such cases, compensation is calculated based on how much you are liable for the accident. Your injury claim can get quite complex when seeking compensation from several at-fault defendants.

If you suffer a serious injury in a car accident, slip and fall accident, animal attack or through medical malpractice, you will most likely require monetary compensation to aid in your recovery. Such funds will help you cover treatment and rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, caregiver costs, lost wages and other expenses and losses arising from the injury. An experienced personal injury lawyer can ensure that you get the maximum compensation possible to address all your financial needs as you recover from your injury. Retaining a lawyer keeps you focused on your recovery as they deal with the involved insurance companies.

A personal injury lawyer brings a breadth of knowledge and experience, giving you a better advantage when seeking damages. Remember that insurance companies are businesses aiming to make profits while keeping payouts as low as possible. Without a lawyer by your side, insurance adjusters will do their best to ensure that you accept the lowest compensation possible, leaving you at a financial disadvantage.

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