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Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers in Toronto

As the phrase suggests, slip and fall injuries occur when a person slips or trips and falls due to dangerous conditions, such as a wet floor or icy walkway, on someone else's premises. Injuries resulting from this type of accident can be quite severe, including ligament tears, broken bones, sprains, and brain injuries. Slip and fall accidents are most often caused by others' recklessness, negligence and/or disregard for peoples’ safety.

Did you know that one out of five slip and fall accidents results in the victim sustaining severe injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury? This statistic reinforces the fact that negligence can lead to life-changing accidents. In such circumstances, those responsible should be held liable. For almost 50 years, Bergel Magence has been helping victims of slip and fall accidents recover the compensation they need and deserve, so that they can pay for any necessary medical bills, rehabilitation costs and compensate for any lost income. If you or your loved are a victim of a slip and fall injury, contact our Toronto personal injury lawyers for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries

According to the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI), the average number of daily hospital admissions due to slip and fall accidents is about 417, with more than 1,800 cases arriving in the emergency department. But what causes slip and fall accidents?

Environmental Conditions

When environmental conditions are unfavourable, accidents can easily happen. For example, when pathways have too much or little lighting, one can trip over debris and other obstacles. When a property’s sidewalks are icy, one can fall and end up with severe injuries. If you fall and get injured as a result of poor environmental conditions, the property owner, or the person or people responsible for maintaining the property, may be at fault.

Surface Conditions

When a building has damaged or poor surfaces, such hazards often lead to slip and fall injuries. Conditions such as uneven surfaces, loose or slippery rugs and floorboards, potholes on sidewalks and parking lots, oily floors, and recently waxed floors are dangerous and can cause accidents. If a property owner fails to maintain conducive surfaces, the property becomes a risk to public safety, and they should be held accountable for any injuries that result from the poor surface conditions.

Occupational Hazards

In some occupations, individuals work with items that can cause slip and fall accidents if proper precautions are not put in place, and the workers are not well-trained.  Cooking oil, grease, packing boxes, cabled equipment, and other materials can easily trip you and cause severe injuries. If you're injured at work due to unsafe working conditions, your employer should be held accountable, and they should cover your medical bills and lost wages.

Ladders, Stairs, and Stairways

A lot of slip and fall accidents happen as people descend or ascend stairs or steps. If the stairs are completely damaged, have improper handrails, loose rags, loose tiling, greasy surfaces, dim or non-functioning lighting, one can slip, fall, and suffer mild to severe injuries. Stairs are particularly dangerous as they are edged and inclined. Unsecured or weak ladders are also dangerous and can cause severe injuries if you fall from one.

Common Injuries After Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and fall accidents happen so suddenly, which makes injuries unpredictable. Although most people escape with minimal to no injuries, some slip and fall accidents can cause life-changing injuries. Some of the most common injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents include:

·       Broken Bones

Falling on hard, edged surfaces or stationary objects can fracture or break your bones depending on the impact. The parts that commonly suffer broken bones or fractures are the legs, arms, hip, and pelvis. Broken bones can hinder your ability to work and may require physiotherapy to restore normal functionality.

·       Cranial Injuries

Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of minor to traumatic head injuries. Although many people assume that they're okay and avoid seeking medical assistance after minor head injuries, you should always get checked out to prevent the progression of minor concussions. If you suffer a moderate concussion from a slip and fall accident, you might experience headaches, dizziness, and clouded thinking. Traumatic brain injuries, such as seizures and cognitive impairment, can also result from slip and fall injuries.

·       Soft Tissue Injuries

Slip and fall accidents can lead to soft tissue injuries, including ligament tears and sprains. This happens when your joints get suddenly twisted during a slip and fall accident. Soft tissue injuries are mostly minor, but some may cause chronic pain immediately after an accident or later on. This is why it's crucial to seek medical attention after a fall, because your minor injury may progress into something serious.

·       Cuts and Bruises

Cuts and abrasions are common injuries arising from slip and fall accidents. Victims may sustain minor bruises and wounds to the knees, head, elbows, palms, and other parts of the body that impact the ground when you fall. Cuts and bruises can be minor, and others may require stitches or other medical attention in order to heal properly. 

·       Spinal Cord Injuries

Depending on the impact, a slip and fall accident can cause serious spine injuries. The injuries may vary from spine fractures to herniated disks, and depending on the severity, they may lead to temporary or permanent conditions, such as paralysis and sensory impairment.

Why Choose Bergel Magence as Your lawyers

Bergel Magence is a premier personal injury law firm in Toronto. Our firm has been providing superior services to accident victims seeking compensation for almost 50 years. Our reputation precedes us, as we conduct thorough investigations and provide unmatched claim litigation services. We have won hundreds of millions of dollars in awards for our clients.

If you or your loved one are injured in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s premises, including city or government property such as roads, sidewalks and buildings, it is imperative that you rely on experienced slip and fall injury lawyers to help you get the compensation you deserve. Slip and fall injury claims can become complicated, and Bergel Magence Personal Injury Lawyers help you navigate the complex process so that you can focus on your recovery. You may have as little as 10 days to file your slip and fall claim, therefore, contact your Toronto slip and fall injury lawyers immediately after your accident.

You Don’t Pay Unless We Recover Money for You

At Bergel Magence, we understand the frustration and strain that comes with injuries resulting from another person’s recklessness or negligence. The medical bills, attendant care costs, rehabilitation costs, loss of wages, and other financial consequences that pop up after an injury, and legal expenses should not be another burden to worry about. This is why you only pay us if we recover your compensation.

Bergel Magence also provides free, no-obligation consultations, so that you can get to know us, and obtain a full understanding about the claims process and how we can help you. Call us today, and speak with one of our experienced slip and fall professionals.

Limitation Periods for Slip and Fall Accidents in Ontario

If you get injured as a result of a slip and fall accident, you should file for compensation as soon as possible. According to the Ontario Legislation, victims of slip and fall accidents have up to 2 years after the accident to file their claim. Some claims, such as those against the city, have significantly less time to file – up to a maximum of 10 days from the day of the accident. If you don’t file your claim during the limitation period, you might not be eligible for any compensation. Contact your slip and fall lawyers in Toronto to make your claim on time.

Occupiers’ Liability in Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Occupiers' liability details when and how a property owner may be responsible for injuries suffered as a result of a slip and fall on their premises. The extent of occupiers’ liability varies depending on where the accident happened, i.e., commercial or residential property. According to the Ontario Occupier’s Liability Act, property owners have a responsibility to provide a safe environment to prevent accidents, such as slip and fall accidents.

When property owners fail to provide a safe environment and people get hurt on their premises, they may be held liable for any injuries incurred. Whether it's gross carelessness, such as failure to repair loose flooring, or seasonal negligence, such as failure to salt ice, in most circumstances, property owners should be held accountable for any resulting accidents.

The Occupiers’ Liability Act in Ontario highlights the responsibilities and obligations for various persons, including:

·       Landlords

·       Private homeowners

·       Property managers

·       Restaurant owners

·       Store owners

If you slip, fall, and get hurt due to someone else’s negligence, you should file for compensation as soon as possible. Bergel Magence personal injury lawyers will assess your case, investigate the accident and the cause, and fight for the benefits you're owed. Contact us for a free consultation.

Proving Liability in Slip & Fall Accidents

When you file a claim against a property owner, it is your responsibility to prove that the property owner, or those who are in charge of caring for the property, have been negligent or careless in its maintenance. It is important that you collect as much information about your slip and fall accident, including photographs and notes about the surroundings and circumstances, and ensure that you contact experienced injury lawyers in Toronto to assist along the way.

If you get injured in a slip and fall accident, document (take pictures) the conditions of the scene before they get altered by the property owner, weather, or other parties. This will provide the evidence required to prove the property owner’s negligence at the time of the accident. We also recommend that you take pictures of the injuries if they are visible. If there are witnesses at the time of the accident, take their contact information. Their account of how the accident happened may play a vital role in proving liability.

If the property owner is determined to be liable for your injuries, you may be entitled to receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost income, and property damage. Contact Bergel Magence immediately after a slip and fall accident for your free, no-obligation consultation.

Slip and Fall FAQs

How long will it take to settle my slip and fall claim?

Due to the unique nature and circumstances surrounding each slip and fall accident, it is impossible to estimate how long it will take to arrive at a settlement. There are numerous factors that affect the duration and complexity of a claim, including the parties involved, the extent of injuries, obtaining relevant reports, amongst others.

While we cannot say for certain how long it will take to settle your file, one thing is for certain - Bergel Magence injury lawyers always make sure that you are well informed, and will utilize their expertise and experience to expedite your slip and fall claim.

What’s the average payout for a slip and fall?

This is the question that we hear the most. Many variables factor into what a monetary settlement may look like for a victim of a slip and fall claim, including liability, the severity of injuries, and lost wages. Accordingly, we cannot provide a fair and accurate assessment without knowing all the circumstances surrounding your slip and fall injury and your individual situation. We can, however, guarantee that we will work diligently alongside you and fight to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible. 

Do I need a lawyer for a slip and fall claim?

Slip and fall cases can be quite complex, and often require thorough investigations that only a competent personal injury lawyer can perform. Proving liability, filing all the necessary paperwork, ordering and retrieving reports, and negotiating all the benefits you deserve are just a few things that your personal injury lawyer can do for you. If you try to tackle a slip and fall claim without proper representation and guidance, you may experience numerous roadblocks and end up with a significantly reduced settlement, if anything at all.

Contact Bergel Magence to represent your interests and protect your rights in your slip and fall case.

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