Personal injuries are injuries sustained by one’s physical body or emotions. The most common types of personal injuries in Toronto are unintentional injuries, which mostly result from accidents caused by the negligence or carelessness of another party. In such an incident, the injured party can file a personal injury case against the negligent party and seek financial reparations.

In this educational post, we’ll explore the most common types of personal injury cases in Toronto and the injuries associated with each. We’ll help you understand the rights of an injured party and when one can file a personal injury claim for compensation.

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Let’s dive in and explore the most common types of personal injury cases in Toronto.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

  • Slip and Fall Cases

Every property owner or manager has a legal duty to maintain safe conditions on their property and land. Failure to fulfil this duty leads to hazardous conditions that can lead to slip and fall accidents, causing bodily injuries.

Some hazardous conditions that can lead to slip, trip and fall accidents include spilled fluids on floors, uncleared ice on sidewalks, poorly lit stairs, broken tiles and more.

Injuries that result from slip and fall accidents include head injuries, hip fractures, broken bones, serious cuts and lacerations, knee injuries and spinal injuries.

If you sustain an injury from a slip and fall accident, the property owner or manager may be held legally liable for any damages resulting from your injury. For this to happen, you must show that the owner or manager neglected their duty of care to provide a safe environment, which led to your accident and injury. If this is proven, then you can obtain monetary compensation.

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  • Car Accident Claims

Although Ontario has done a great job of reducing the prevalence of car accidents and their resulting injuries, they are still among Toronto’s leading causes of personal injuries. Most car accidents, including rear-end, pedestrian, and head-on collisions, result from negligent and reckless drivers.

Motor vehicle collisions cause some of the most severe and catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, broken bones and more. Due to the nature of injuries that one can incur in auto accidents, having insurance coverage is important as it helps cover any expenses and damages in case of an accident.

If a reckless driver is responsible for the auto accident that caused your injuries, they are liable for all the damage incurred. Therefore, as the plaintiff, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party seeking compensation.

For a car accident claim to be successful, you need to provide medical records to show the injuries sustained, a police report detailing the accident and other available evidence to support your case. To increase the chances of winning your claim and obtaining maximum compensation, you should enlist the services of an experienced car accident lawyer.

  • Medical Malpractice

Medical practitioners must adhere to certain standards to ensure they provide the best possible care for their patients. If they deviate from this, they can cause serious injuries to their patients.

Medical malpractice cases arise when negligent practitioners:

  • Misdiagnose a patient
  • Make grave errors in surgery
  • Cause birth injuries
  • Prescribe the wrong medication or treatment

If you’re injured by a medical professional, they may be liable for the resulting damages. You can file a lawsuit against the practitioner or the institution they work for and claim compensation for medical bills, lost income, rehabilitation, pain and suffering and other expenses and losses.

Medical negligence cases are very complex, especially proving that an injury resulted from a medical practitioner’s negligence. If you’re a victim of malpractice, it’s important to seek legal advice and representation from a Toronto medical malpractice lawyer.

  • Workplace Injuries

A workplace injury claim arises when an employee gets into a workplace accident that results in an injury. Workplace accidents are caused by unsafe conditions such as slippery floors, falling objects, improper use of machinery and faulty equipment.

The types of injuries that one can sustain in a workplace accident include fractured bones, repetitive strain injuries, traumatic brain injuries and internal injuries.

As an employee, your employer has a duty to provide and maintain a safe working environment while you perform your duties. If they’re negligent and you suffer an injury, you can file a workplace injury claim for financial compensation. This will help you obtain damages for loss of income, medical care costs, and rehabilitation.

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  • Other Common Personal Injury Cases

Apart from the claims reviewed above, here are several other common injury cases in Toronto:

  • Product liability claims: these claims occur when a customer purchases and utilizes a dangerous or defective product and subsequently suffers an injury.
  • Dog bitesdog attacks are quite serious as they can leave you with severe physical and emotional injuries.
  • Intentional injuries – intentional injuries are injuries inflicted on the victim deliberately with the intent to cause harm. Such injuries result from assault, battery and other acts that a perpetrator knows could cause harm. If someone deliberately injures you, you may be entitled to compensation for the physical and psychological injuries sustained.
  • Premises liability – these are accidents that occur on another person’s property or land. They occur due to failure to maintain safe conditions on one’s property. If you’re injured on another person’s land or premises due to negligence, you can take legal action against them by filing a personal injury claim.

Get The Legal Help You Need in Your Personal Injury Case

There are many causes of injuries and, therefore, many types of personal injury cases/claims. In this article, we’ve explored the most common types of personal injury cases. If you’re injured in any incident, it’s important to remember that you have rights and may be entitled to compensation for any financial losses, physical harm and emotional trauma.

If you’re looking to file a personal injury claim, it’s advisable to retain a personal injury law firm to help with the legal matters as you focus on recovery. Our firm has an experienced legal team that can help you deal with the insurance companies involved and obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.

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