This past week Jennifer Lawrence won the Golden Globe for best supporting actress for her role in American Hustle. Her walk-up to receive the award was unremarkable compared to last year’s Academy Awards when she famously tripped on her way up to receive her Oscar for best actress for her noteworthy performance in Silver Linings Playbook. The audience eventually gave her a standing ovation; a gesture Lawrence remarked as sympathetic due to her embarrassing fall.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for Lawrence, millions of people saw her trip. When most of us trip and fall, there is nary a witness in site. This might make pursuing your claim slightly more complicated. That is why we always recommend that you take pictures at the sight of the fall. Also, if you do not feel well after your fall, it is important that you receive immediate medical attention. Firstly, your health is top priority. Secondly, your case has much more credibility if you leave a medical paper trail from the date of your injury. Of course, if people helped you after the fall, ask them for their information. Even though they did not witness the actual fall, they can be helpful in solidifying your version of the story later on. Keep all items from the day you fell –you never know if your adversary or judge will want to see what you were wearing (especially on your feet). Additionally, be it that same day or later on, make sure to report the incident to the store or property management (and if it occurs on city property, please see our blog about those requirements here). Subsequently, we suggest you speak to a lawyer to further your paper trail.

Of course you can always call Bergel, Magence, LLP at 416-665-2000. We have yet to receive an Oscar or a Golden Globe, but we do boast about our legal awards.