Nothing ends the summer better than an annual visit to the Canadian National Exhibition(CNE). The merchandise, the rides, and the crowds of people have that fleeting fragrance of summer (sunscreen mixed with fried foods and salty sand?) all wrapped in a bundle of fun.

And then of course, there’s the food.

Whether you are brave enough to try the new foods—the chocolate fried chicken or the Thanksgiving waffles—or you like sticking with the classics such as funnel cakes, chances are the food is part of the memorable experience. Sometimes too memorable. In 2013, there was a frenzy over food contamination in the cronut burger that left over 220 people wishing they had just gotten the cotton candy. (The culprit: not the usual suspects, the bacon or eggs; it was the maple bacon jam.)

Understandably, when people feel like they have been wronged, especially by food, the first phone call they make is to a personal injury law firm like Bergel, Magence LLP. In addition to reaching out to us, you should definitely seek immediate medical attention. Most commonly, food poisoning is caused by bacteria such as Salmonella, Shigella, and E-Coli. In some cases, the food poisoning may have been due to negligence of third parties. If you have suffered from food poisoning, and once you and the bathroom have called it quits, it may be a good idea to call a personal injury lawyer to ascertain your rights.

So go to the CNE and have a great time. Just remember, if it looks funny, smells funny, and tastes funny, it probably is not funny and you may want to stay away (if it is only one out of three you may be okay, but then again what do we know, we’re just lawyers).