You can already smell the summer.

After the brutal weather we had in Toronto this past winter, we can’t get enough sniffs. But although it may surprise you, summer driving is as dangerous, if not more so, than winter driving. That is bad news. Here are some reasons why summer driving could be dangerous:

No school means there are more teen drivers on the road during the summer months. Due to the lack of experience, teens tend to be involved in more motor vehicle accidents than any other age group;

  • Also, there is usually much more construction in the summer months. There tend to me more accidents around construction areas, and a boisterous sun does not help our vision around these areas;
  • Speaking of that sun, many people fatigue and dehydrate quicker in the summer. This can lead to drowsiness and impaired driving abilities;
  • Which also means that drivers crank up their air conditioners, which means the engine can overheat and the car could stop or break down;
  • Which also could happen because of a tire blowout. In the summer months, hot air expands the tires. In a well-worn tire, this might cause the tire to collapse;
  • And of course, there are many more people out in the summer. Roads are congested with travelers, and there are more cyclists and pedestrians. This of course is wonderful. However, many whiny kids in a car, a lot of traffic, and unfamiliar roads could lead to a fair amount of road rage.

So here’s what we think. As in the winter, drive defensively. Know your surroundings. Also, make sure that your car is well maintained after papa winter’s mess. That means you should be hopping to your mechanic to get a check-up, especially for your brakes, suspension, tires, and steering.  Be sure to leave your emergency equipment in the car as you do during the winter.

Of course we do not get to put our “Gone Fishing” sign in the summer months, so if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, call Toronto Personal Injury lawyers Bergel, Magence, LLPat 416-665-2000 for a free consultation.