This past summer, motorcycle accidents that led to fatalities in Ontario were at a 7 year high. Most often these accidents are due to the negligence of other drivers. Still, motorcyclists assume particular risks when riding, even with the right safety gear or riding experience, and unfortunately often these types of accidents result in death or catastrophic injuries.

Motorcyclists should be aware that their rights to receive compensation are identical to those of drivers of automobiles. Therefore, under Ontario Law, a victim may be entitled to receive both accident benefits, and sue for damages. Likewise, the statutory accident benefits are payable immediately under the injured person’s own insurer regardless of fault.

Because motorcycle insurance is a speciality product, not all insurance companies offer it. If you already have auto insurance, check with your broker or insurance company to ascertain if your insurance company also has coverage for motorcycles. You may also receive a discount if you add on the motorcycle to your existing policy.

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